Tresors Sauvages


Trésors Sauvages, founded in 2012 by the Artist and Designer, Amalie Beljafla.


Amalie’s a dynamic, and inspiring young woman who launched Trésors Sauvages while she was still a student at the prestigious Central St. Martins College of Arts and Design in London.


Pressing academic studies to obtain her Masters, forced Amalie to take a break from creating a new collection for Trésors Sauvages, but now the fully-fledged graduate is back on the scene with a dynamic new creation.


Her ink and line-drawn illustrations, which have started to win her acclaim as an independent artist, are the foundation for her latest offering. She’s taken the concept of a collaborative house, and continued her vision to create a semi-couture label that extends beyond a clothing line and reaches into other creative dimensions. Amalie hopes to grow the brand organically, and to become a leading fashion house of the future.


This new move by Amalie’s passion for detail and creative spirit has seen Trésors Sauvages evolve into a new brand, called “The Artisans”.


The Artisans will launch their first semi-couture collection in 2017. It’s set to be a force to be reckoned with.


Amalie’s last line, the Flamingo Collection, with intense surrealist flamingos exploding onto trouser prints, that are woven into complex kaleidoscopic patterns, and fully embroidered blazers, took the fashion scene by storm.


Expect to see something extraordinary with this forthcoming 2017 collection, inspired by the Jungle Book . Viewing of the collection will be available on their new website, It is scheduled to be up and running from February 2017 onwards.


Amalie’s partner in this new venture, Hatty Pedder is already a successful Artist in the Middle East. Hatty’s dynamic and surreal approach to fashion harmonizes with Amalie’s fashion aesthetic and vibrant imagination, to create a stunning new look.


She’s very excited to be collaborating with Amalie to create a sensational new line.